AGE: 27 / BREED: Arabian / GENDER: Gelding / HEIGHT: 14.3 hh / HANDLER EXPERIENCE: Advanced / ADOPTION FEE: $350.00

Although well-adjusted today, Bebe led a tough life before coming to CHR.  He was kept in a pen by himself as a stallion, and he wasn't handled by people.  In light of this harsh treatment, Bebe arrived with some significant behavior issues that required immediate attention.  Through training, he has come a long way.  Bebe is sensitive and willing to learn, but he can be anxious and defensive - especially around new people.  It takes a good deal of time and firm yet kind handling to earn Bebe’s trust.  Once you have it, it’s easy to see the kind, soft horse inside. 

Several years ago, Bebe went through cancer surgery at Colorado State University to have his right eye removed.  He gets along just fine in his pasture of horses with limited vision, although he is very submissive in the herd.  Bebe has missed his chance in life to be a riding horse, but he is a great companion to horses and humans.   Bebe is ready for his new home!



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