Imagine a Better World for Horses

We are Colorado Horse Rescue, and we are building a better future for horses. We see it. We believe in it. And we are here to make it happen. As a 501(c)(3) impact organization operating in Colorado since 1986, we work to continuously reimagine what’s possible and create a reality where safe solutions exist for every horse.


Imagine a world where no horses fall through the cracks. We see it, and it’s why we actively seek out and take in all types of at-risk horses. We enable owners who have fallen on tough times to rehome their beloved horses without judgement. We also keep our eyes, minds and gates open to horses who would otherwise be sent to slaughter or unsafe conditions via auction or sale.


Imagine a time where horses are no longer thought of only as tools or sports equipment. We see it, so we help educate the public on responsible horse ownership, engage with our communities to address the issues facing our industry today, and inspire people to invite horses into their lives—as companions, riding horses or other respected roles.


Imagine a society that empowers every horse to reach their potential. We see it, and we uphold the highest standards of care, rehabilitation and training to help them get there. Complacency isn’t care, so we work to wake up and unite the equine industry to give every horse the life they deserve. We also lead with compassion, providing responsible last acts of kindness to those in need.


Imagine a culture where every horse is valued. We see it, and every successful adoption brings us closer. Our matching process is strategic by design, creating solid horse-and-human partnerships that last and a return rate that’s remarkably low.



Equine training is a fundamental piece to the adoption process. With the work of our talented trainers, CHR horses are prepared for wonderful new homes!
Meet our Trainers.