These fortunate horses have already found their new forever homes! We include this gallery to show the quality and variety of horses that come through the rescue, along with adopter testimonials; this is not an all-inclusive list. Even if we do not have the perfect horse for you today, there is a good chance we will in the near future.


  • AGE: 8
  • BREED: Arabian
  • GENDER: Mare

A testimonial from Tessie’s adopter, Courtney.

So where do you possibly begin to look to find your lifelong dream? Who do you trust? I started by looking at ads on line, talking to breeders etc. etc. but I just wasn’t sure that everyone had the horse’s best interest at heart (or mine for that matter). Everyone I spoke to just want to sell me a horse and be onto the next thing. So I decided to take a chance on calling a local rescue. I figured they would at least be very honest about their horses. Willing to share the good the bad and the ugly in an effort to find forever homes. But I doubted whether my “dream” would ever be there. The Arabian as black as the night like the one that Walter Farley wrote about and I dreamed about for as long as I could remember. Regardless, maybe dreams come in different shapes and sizes and perhaps they would have a “good fit” for me. So I called Sarah at CHR. I told her what my trainer suggested that I look for…a horse with “miles” and a good temperament, a gelding. So Sarah kindly spent the first part of our call telling me about the sweet geldings with miles that she thought might be a nice fit. We set a time for me to come and meet the boys but before we hung up I paused and told her what I was looking for (beyond better judgement) I told her about my dream of a spirited black Arab. I could hear her smile across the phone when she told me she had someone I should also meet when I came for a visit.

When I pulled into CHR (with great anticipation) I found myself in a beautiful environment where I immediately knew the horses were everyone’s highest priority. Sarah and I started by meeting “the boys” we had talked about. Sarah was incredibly knowledgeable about them and clearly a very skilled trainer. They were really wonderful horses. Probably exactly what my trainer had in mind for me. But sometimes the heart is slow to learn what the mind already knows so I asked if we could see Tess, the unstarted black Arab mare Sarah had mention during our call. As I watched Tess fly around the round pen with all of the spirit and fire I had only dreamed of and read about I smiled and knew “she is the one”. Sarah and everyone at CHR made the process of adopting Tess so seamless and easy. They were all very supportive every step of the way.

The day we brought Tess home to my trainer’s barn and she came out of the trailer snorting and pawing with her neck arched and tail held high I will never forget a young girl (25 years my junior) standing in the breezeway watching this magnificent horse who said, “Wow – I have dreamed about a horse like that my whole life!” I just smiled and looked at Tess and said “Me too.”

Fast forward 45 days, still full of fire, Tess is a kind, loving and incredibly intelligent horse with wonderful ground manners. Unstarted at 8 years old we had our work cut out for us but like I have told everyone, it is a marathon not a sprint and all of her miles will be our miles together. With gentle and supportive training and guidance Tess is under saddle and amazes all of us every day. She is gentle and loving with my 9 year old daughter, thoughtful and a playfully bossy with my husband. She is my dream, my muse, my forever horse.

Thank you CHR!


  • AGE: 14
  • BREED: Paint
  • GENDER: Gelding
  • HEIGHT: 15.1 hh
  • RIDER EXPERIENCE: Intermediate
  • RIDING LIMITATIONS: Not performance level
  • FEE: $4500

A message from Carousel’s owner in their happy home: “It was such a pleasure to see the horses in the care of a very talented staff and crew who manage and train the horse, The horses get excellent care here and the team works with you so that they match you to the right horse. I want to thank Colorado Horse Rescue all for the wonderful work they do for every horse that they have brought to them. This is a Wonderful organization and what a pleasure to see and meet the staff! It is like they are angels to the horse world.



  • AGE: 10
  • BREED: Mustang
  • GENDER: Gelding
  • HEIGHT: 14 hh
  • FEE: $1000

You may remember Diego and the circumstances that brought him to CHR. He was one of seven horses we took in from a property in Nebraska, in which over 100 horses were found to be starving and ignored, and as a result were impounded by a court order. Due to the extreme abuse and neglect Diego endured, he faced a long, hard road in learning to trust humans and re-build his confidence. While at the rescue, Diego received the special care that he needed to become happy, healthy, and strong. His training took a lot of time and effort, but his committed trainers knew he had something special and would make a willing partner for some lucky person.

Spring forward to today, and Diego is enjoying a wonderful life in Washington State at a hunter/jumper barn. His adopter, Lauren, writes, “I Haven’t touched base much since moving to Seattle, but thought I’d let you know that Diego is doing great! We took our time deciding on a hunter jumper barn that met our needs (the hardest thing was finding a place that had enough turnout!) and have officially decided to join the fabulous team at
Brick Road Farm in Snohomish, WA. We are planning on pre adult or adult hunters this show season! I may be the only one on a pony but I guarantee we will win every cuteness point there is with how well he jumps. Here are a few recent pictures, including one of his first ever body clip this week- I think he only got cuter naked 🙂 Thanks again for all you do, I can’t imagine my life without this once-in-a-lifetime horse.”

When Lauren noticed Pandora, another bay Mustang who came to CHR in early 2015, she hopped on social media with the following comment: “These sturdy guys [Mustangs] are fantastic jumpers and are underutilized in the sport horse divisions. Diego had multiple ribbons (including 2 blues!) at an A Rated Hunter show this year. He learned lead changes in a week and jumps absolutely anything you point him at, with fancy knees to boot. Trainers were asking if he was for sale at ringside. I trust him more than any horse I’ve ever ridden and he carried me and his new little brother through pregnancy as well! Maybe this pretty lady will peak the interest of a sport horse rider!


  • AGE: 9
  • BREED: Thoroughbred
  • GENDER: Gelding
  • HEIGHT: 16.2 hh
  • RIDER EXPERIENCE: Intermediate
  • FEE: $4000

Meet Happy: although not substantiated, it is claimed that at some point in his life he was purchased at the price of $40,000. His great grandfather was Seattle Slew, who won the Triple Crown in 1977. His sire – Capote’s Promise, and his dam – Alihi Express. Records state that Happy raced for about two years from 2008 – 2010 with total career winnings of $9606, claiming 2 wins, 1 place, and 1 show.

Intially of the track, Happy was well-taken-care-of. He then transferred owners several times, and then found himself starving and in need of help. Fast-forward to today, and we find comfort in the fact that Happy has now gained over 200 pounds, his current BCS is a 4+, and with continued care at CHR he will be just as beautiful as he once was. Happy is quite popular at CHR, and in his herd of geldings most of the horses love to play with him.

Testimonial: One of CHR’s long-time volunteers ended up adopting Happy along with one of his pasture pals, Smudge. These two boys hit the jackpot, and are now living a happy life together with their new family. In his adopter’s words, “I feel honored to have my 2 boys from the Rescue and will always be grateful for that gift. Thanks again.”

Hero, Poncho, and Poseidon

  • AGES: Mid to late teens
  • BREEDS: Quarter Horses
  • GENDERS: Geldings

Testimonial: “We had been visiting CHR the past several years just be around the horses. We were mesmerized by their beauty and energy, so much so, that we started our own horse family. It all started with Poncho. Sierra was in search of her dream horse, one that was steady with calm eyes, and we knew CHR was the place to look. Sierra and Poncho had a connection from the first time they met. The original plan was for Sierra…but that quickly changed.
We’ll never forget the bittersweet day we were bringing Poncho home from CHR. We were so happy and excited, yet very sad to be separating Poncho from his best friend, Hero. We can still hear Hero crying out to Poncho as we drove away from CHR. We should’ve known what was to come. It didn’t take long before Hero joined our family. We knew in our hearts it was the right thing to do for these two horses with such a special bond.
Dad was getting very good at fixing fences and mucking stalls – but seeing Sierra in the saddle and her connection with Poncho made him realize that it was his turn. Through patience by all and careful guidance from CHR…along came Poseidon (now named Dawson). The first time we met him we knew that his calm attitude and smarts, like our other two boys, was what we were looking for…and then there were THREE.
The boys are their own herd now. Poncho is still in the lead. Hero, the ever faithful and loyal companion is always by his side. Dawson, the youngest of the three, is right in the mix – very vocal and always ready to run and play.
We can’t imagine our world without The Three Amigos being a part of it. Thank you to all of CHR (especially Shawna, Sarah and Carol) for helping bring these boys home to us!”

~Chad and Sierra


From Savannah’s adopter:

The most gorgeous horse I had ever seen. She was so big, 16 plus hands and probably over 1200 pounds. She took my breath away. In thinking about adopting her, I worried that I couldn’t and wouldn’t be enough for her. Worried that I could be the kind of leader that I knew a horse of her strength, and character, and intensity would need. I was determined though. I had never wanted anything so much. The challenge exhilarated me. My desire to want to prove to her that yes, I am someone she can trust, someone that she should accept as her leader, became all-encompassing.
I took 3 lessons a week. watched videos, read books, and dreamed day and night of this beautiful mare. All I wanted was to better myself, and be the best version of me that I could be, for her. To be able to adopt her, give her a home that provided her with all the food, water, shelter and love that she deserved. I wanted to provide her with a life where she can do the things that she loves. long endurance trail rides. expressing her beautiful and extraordinary physical prowess.

I am fueled by nature. My spirit is revived through the outdoors and being physical. This is something I dreamed of sharing with my beautiful mare. I needed her, and she needed me. I was there to rescue her. She in turn rescued me, more than I could ever have thought she could. She balanced me. She filled the vacant parts of my heart with exactly what I needed. A beautiful challenge that took me to the next level in my soul. She has taught me thinks that I believe make me a better person and a better coach. She filled me with fear. Fear that I would not be enough. Fear that I would somehow fail her. Fear that I worried would keep me from all the things I dreamed of doing with her. My love for her has extinguished all those fears. Her response to me, and love for me, and respect for me, has wiped away any fears that I wouldn’t be enough for her.

She validates me every single day. She keeps me on my toes, every single day. She brings out the best in me every single day. She fills my heart with love and joy and excitement for each adventure ahead. This beautiful horse is one of the greatest gifts I have ever received in my life. She makes me excited for every minute of every day, and I intend on filling her life with all the love, adventure, joy and security she deserves. Thank you Colorado Horse Rescue and most notably Sarah Hofkamp. you saw something in me, before even knowing me, that you knew would be the perfect fit for Savannah. I would have never thought I could be enough for this amazing horse. But, you saw that I Had the potential to be just that. Thank you for your faith in me, and the tireless hours of work you put into training Savannah and helping her to become the very best version of herself. She is exquisite. She is complicated in the most beautiful ways. She is a gift from God to me and my family.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for making this connection a dream come true!

Barius (Bar-eye-us)

  • AGE:7
  • BREED: Andalusian/Iberian Warmblood Cross
  • GENDER: Gelding
  • HEIGHT: 16.1 hh
  • RIDER EXPERIENCE: Intermediate
  • RIDING LIMITATIONS: Not performance level
  • FEE: $4500

Barius’ original listing: Double registered and destined for greatness, this Half-Andalusian and Iberian Warmblood stands 16.1 hands high and is trained under western saddle. Selwood Park Barius has fantastic blood lines; his sire is Saphiro and Dam is Selwood Park Deneuve, a multi-National and Reserve Champion and the first Andalusian to receive the IALHA Lifetime Achievement Award.
Bold and self-assured, this young gelding is extremely willing in the hands of a capable and strong leader. Barius is athletic with good all-around confirmation and his soft eyes are demonstrative of his friendly and cooperative disposition. He displays big movement which makes him a strong prospect for dressage.
Barius needs a confident adopter who embraces his independent personality and is willing to continue to give him the right kind of education.

View Barius’ adoption video!

HEALTH/BEHAVIORAL INFORMATION: Recommended maximum weight (rider plus tack) = 290 pounds


  • AGE: 15
  • BREED: Paint
  • GENDER: Gelding
  • HEIGHT: 15 hh
  • FEE: $4000

Shiloh’s original listing: To describe Shiloh in a few words, he is very sensitive, eager to please, and laid back. This mellow and independent horse does well on his own, as well as with other horses. He is fairly submissive, and tends to avoid pasture drama if he can help it. Under saddle Shiloh has proven to be an excellent partner on the trail and in the arena. His sensitive nature makes him a lovely ride – very little pressure will go a long way. He doesn’t tend to ask questions, he trusts his handler to make the right decision for him. Shiloh actually has more confidence with a rider on him than he does on the ground – if he does spook, he’s over it almost instantly with a small jump or flinch. Shiloh has clearly had a good deal of training under Western saddle; so far he has only needed a brief refresher on cues and communication (he was out to pasture for a couple of years until coming to CHR). He’s also a happy camper in the English discipline. This amazing horse is ready for a new home today!

HEALTH/BEHAVIORAL INFORMATION: Easy keeper; has contracted heels that are currently in treatment; recommended maximum weight (rider plus tack) = 200 lbs