Are You Ready to Own a Horse?

It’s easy for the population of unwanted horses which rescues handle to be falsely labelled by people, because at some point in the past the horse and rider were not well-matched for one another. Understanding how to pick the right horse can greatly reduce the number of equines at risk in our country. Firstly, a potential horse buyer needs to […] Continue Reading

Shawna + Lil Bit: The Right Fit

The Right Horse Initiative recently featured CHR’s Director of Development, Shawna English, and her story of finding a forever partner in a little Quarter Horse mare named Lil Bit. Thank you Right Horse Initiative for supporting horses in need of good homes! Read their touching story here.

Training Rescue Horses

The third installment from A Home for Every Horse is here! This video features CHR’s training program, and the challenges that we face when it comes to re-educating horses on the ground and under saddle.

CHR Partners with A Home for Every Horse

Recently, CHR was lucky enough to be featured by A Home for Every Horse. This outstanding organization represents all horses in need of good homes, and partners with a number of reputable rescues to raise awareness around the unwanted horse issue. We are thrilled and honored to be a part of this mission!

LeadChange Website Launches

One of our most innovative programs now has its own website! Round up your colleagues and experience the difference LeadChange Colorado can make for your workplace. Visit to view the programs new video and see what LeadChange is all about.

CHR Presents Forever Home: Happy’s Story

Check out our newest video featuring the story of CHR horse and Seattle Slew descendant, Happy, and his journey from racing in his glory days, to Animal Control impound, to his forever home. Thank you Clint Clymer for writing this amazing song for Colorado Horse Rescue!

CHR: Helping Horses through the Equine Crisis Assistance Program

A huge part of Colorado Horse Rescue’s mission involves accepting horses into the herd from responsible owners in crisis. But what about horse owners who are facing a temporary crisis? Maybe they are in the midst of paying an expensive personal medical bill, and find themselves unable to pay for hay or vet care for their horse as a result. […] Continue Reading

Choosing a Quality Horse Trainer

One of the greater challenges facing horse owners today is how to choose a qualified equine trainer. When we say trainer, we mean a professional to aid you through the learning process of creating a fair and concise communication pathway between you and your horse. In the US, trainers are not required to pass any sort of certification or upper […] Continue Reading

The Magnitude of Horse Rescue

As a respected model rescue, one of the biggest challenges that CHR faces is the immense number of at-risk horses in our community. In Colorado alone, there are over 6000 unwanted horses each year that need a safe place to go. Zoom out nationwide, and that number jumps to around 170,000 per year. Most rescues are hovering at or near […] Continue Reading

Volunteers in Training

CHR hosts a dedicated and extremely hard-working group of nearly 80 weekly volunteers.  Over the years we have learned that one of the best ways to give back and show our appreciation as a staff is to provide tips and training around horse handling, grooming, and basic care.  So, earlier this month we hosted a training session which covered grooming, […] Continue Reading