Learning from Sven

By Susan Chandler, CHR Trainer Colt starting. This term is thrown around the equine industry in order to explain the process of making a “green” or unexperienced horse rideable. But what do these words look like to you? Is it the cowboy – hat and all – out on the open range, riding the bucking bronco with a hand waving […] Continue Reading

Riddle Finds Peace and Balance

By Susan Chandler, CHR Trainer Over the last couple of months I have found so much joy in working with a special Quarab (Arabian/Quarter Horse Cross) mare on the property named Riddle. It has been a long and heartwarming journey watching her overcome severe anxiety to become a trusting and thoughtful partner. While she still has areas that we can […] Continue Reading

Huckleberry Learns to Trust

By Susan Chandler, CHR Trainer It would be a colossal understatement to say that Huckleberry has made progress in her training since her last training update. Whatever fear that had been causing her blockage from connecting with people seems to have almost entirely dissolved. Gone are the days that she would try to literally hurdle over fences in order to […] Continue Reading

Huckleberry’s Training Begins

By Susan Chandler, CHR Trainer In December of 2018, little Huckleberry came to the Colorado Horse Rescue from a private owner as a truly puzzling mare. Believed to be a yearling, Huckleberry had not been halter broke, was extremely shy of people, and had absolutely no fear of climbing over fences if she felt the need to leave. As trainers, […] Continue Reading

Cosmo’s Training Update

By Susan Chandler, CHR Trainer Last we left Cosmo, he was just beginning his training journey. With the assistance of positive reinforcement, this once-combative horse has rapidly transformed into a giant puppy dog (eyes and all) who is now eager for human interaction. This titan of a bay horse is extremely intelligent, and with the correct motivation, is very willing […] Continue Reading

Cosmo’s Training Blog

At the beginning of January, 2019, a stately Dutch Warmblood – Holsteiner crossed gelding took his first steps off of a trailer and onto the property of the Colorado Horse Rescue. Even in these first moments, it was very clear to us all that this tall, dark, and handsome horse by the name of Cosmo was going to end up […] Continue Reading

Odin Learns with Flag Densensitization

Our adorable Welsh Pony’s education continues! Thank you Colorado Safari Properties for supporting this fantastic little horse. Read Odin’s Latest Blog and Watch his Training Video Here.

Checking in with Odin

Here is Odin’s latest blog post thanks to his sponsors, Colorado Safari Properties! This fun-loving Welsh Pony is thriving in training and seeking his new good home today. Read Odin’s Blog

Odin’s Journey in Training

A huge thank you to Colorado Safari Properties, who have chosen to sponsor the adorable Welsh Pony, Odin, in his training. Check out their latest blog and read up on Odin’s progress! Odin’s Story Continues, 3/5/2019 Odin’s Training Update, 2/12/2019 Read about Odin’s very first visit with Colorado Safari Properties.

Alfie’s Fast Friend

Last month, an adorable Painted Miniature gelding named Pippen arrived at CHR from a loving owner in financial crisis. Smart and confident, this little horse quickly won the staff and volunteers hearts. We knew this special little guy wouldn’t spend much time at CHR, and we were right! Pippen was quickly adopted by a new family who has another former […] Continue Reading