Hanna Finds her Forever Home

Last year, a very special horse arrived at CHR. Hanna’s family was struggling with a medical crisis, and although they loved their horses very much it was just too tough to physically or financially provide for them any longer. Well-trained under a Western saddle with flashy looks and kind soul, Hanna quickly won over the hearts of the staff and […] Continue Reading

Meet Baby Montego

It’s a boy! Monterey, one of the Mustangs who arrived from South Dakota late last year, finally had her foal. And what a handsome little boy he is! Thanks to 9 News Denver for sharing his story.

Finding My Perfect Horse

An Adoption Testimonial In May of 2015, after working with my darling Mustang rescue for two years trying to get her under saddle, I made the difficult decision to retire Twila to a life of leisure as my pet horse and companion animal to my husband’s gelding. Thinking about acquiring another horse felt rather daunting, especially if the next horse […] Continue Reading

Savannah in Her Forever Home

An adoption testimonial from Savannah’s loving new owner My Beautiful Savannah. The most gorgeous horse I had ever seen. She was so big, 16 plus hands and probably over 1200 pounds. She took my breath away. In thinking about adopting her, I worried that I couldn’t and wouldn’t be enough for her. Worried that I could be the kind of […] Continue Reading

Tessie: Another Successful Forever Home

A testimonial from Tessie’s adopter, Courtney. So where do you possibly begin to look to find your lifelong dream? Who do you trust? I started by looking at ads on line, talking to breeders etc. etc. but I just wasn’t sure that everyone had the horse’s best interest at heart (or mine for that matter). Everyone I spoke to just […] Continue Reading

Ray the Wonder Horse

By Liz Specht, CHR Volunteer From our very first ride, I knew Ray was no ordinary off-track Thoroughbred. We were in CHR’s manicured outdoor arena on a hot summer evening, and we’d just finished a very positive walk-trot session as we figured each other out. Because things were off to a great start, I got the all-clear from our trainer, […] Continue Reading

Cobb and His Rider

CHR boasts a small team of talented individuals that help our trainer keep rideable horses exercised as they wait for their adoptive homes. Our 20-year-old Morgan gelding, Cobb, is lucky to have a partnership with one of these qualified and capable riders, Ali. Straight from the rider, meet Cobb in all his glory: I have been a volunteer rider for […] Continue Reading


All too often a horse is faced with a life-changing circumstance that is completely out of his/her control. At the mercy of their human caretakers some horses fare better than others. For a special mare named Charlee, the fates were looking out for her.  At the established age of 25, Charlee has had quite the interesting life.  Prior to being […] Continue Reading

Cricket’s on the Rise

As winter loosens its grip on the Front Range the Colorado Horse Rescue begins to stir. The birds have begun their springtime songs and daily grooming sessions end in piles of loose winter hair. Knowing full well Colorado still has a few more months of snow and rain ahead, the staff and volunteers can’t help but take a moment to […] Continue Reading

Saving Mandy

As the Director of Development, I am challenged with raising funds to support a half a million dollar operating budget. In addition to that role, I also serve as facilities manager, part of the social media department, LeadChange facilitator, but most importantly barn manager. Being the barn manager means supervising a group of dedicated volunteers to ensure the very best […] Continue Reading