You’ve Helped Save Jake

From his glory days racing and winning on the track as a youngster, to pleasure riding and jumping with a new teenage owner, Jake has seen a lot in his 24 years on this world. Fast forward to 2016, and HopetoSeeYa (as he is officially named) found himself with the same loving owner who was struggling to financially provide for […] Continue Reading

From Our New Board President

Hello Horse Lovers! My name is Julie Oelman and I am the new president of the CHR Board of Directors. I wanted to update you about some of the news from the Board of Directors. First off, I want to extend thanks to Steve Gardner for his many years of dedicated service as the president of the CHR Board. Steve […] Continue Reading

CHR’s Hay Barn Nearing Completion

The plans have been drawn, a structure has been built, and the final touches of gutters and gravel are close at hand! So why is this so important? Currently, all of the hay for our herd is being stored in our indoor arena which lends it unusable for riding. This immediately affects our ability to work with horses in the […] Continue Reading

Donors: Know Your Horse Rescues

Donors and supporters, check out this excellent article dispelling the myths about Rescues. Do your research and support Rescues of Excellence. CHR is a registered 501(c)(3), re-homing organization with a board of directors that meets regularly. CHR must raise $500,000 annually to meet our operating costs. We could not do this without committed volunteers, donors, foundations, and supportive company partnerships.

A Day at the Cow Clinic

The more opportunities a horse has to learn, the better its chances of being adopted. This last month CHR staff took a couple of horses to a local Cow Sorting Clinic at Two Spruce Farms, home of local well-known trainer Jody Marken! Together with guest trainer Keith Jacobson, our cow sorting adventure began. Pandora, our 11 year old Mustang mare, […] Continue Reading

LeadChange is in Full Gallop

A lead change happens when a horse is moving in a canter or gallop and changes from one lead to the other. In the equine world there are two basic forms of a lead change: simple and flying. In the business world there are also two forms of leading change: productively and dysfunctionally. Great organizations invest in strategies that develop […] Continue Reading

Hank – Would Walk 100 Miles for You

Meet Hank… a 23 year-old quarter horse gelding impounded by animal control and brought to the rescue in April of this year. For Hank’s first six months at the Rescue we focused on rehabilitation: getting his feet trimmed, vaccinations, and weight gain. After a period of rest, recovery, and play with his new pasture mates, our vet assessed Hank’s readiness […] Continue Reading

Barius – Saved by the Bell!

Take a look and this sharp young chap… double registered and destined for greatness! This Half-Andalusian and Iberian Warmblood stands 16.1 hands high and is trained under western saddle. Selwood Park Barius has fantastic blood lines; his sire is Saphiro and Dam is Selwood Park Deneuve, a multi-National and Reserve Champion and the first Andalusian to receive the IALHA Lifetime […] Continue Reading

Rose – The Peach Begins to Ripen

Winter has not put a stop to Rose’s education, even though consistent training sessions are difficult with the changing temperatures, snow, and frozen ground. Rose’s resume now boasts more than 25 rides all consisting of walking and trotting with current focus on loping transitions. We are so thankful for the patience and fairness of our trainers who fully embrace the […] Continue Reading

Bandita – Kenlyn Arabians of Colorado

A sad misconception of Colorado Horse Rescue is that we have unhealthy, old, and undesirable horses. This assumption is far from the case. In addition to Kenlyn Bandita, we currently have a 12-year-old gorgeous grey Appaloosa, a beautiful 17-year-old black Shire, and a painted 6-year-old Andalusian Warmblood of renowned blood lines… just to name a few. From time to time […] Continue Reading