In Colorado alone, there are over 6000 unwanted horses each year that need a safe place to go.
Rescues can save around 1500. What happens to the rest?

Why do horses become at risk?

  • Not fast enough on the track
  • Didn’t jump high enough in the arena, but still has miles of pleasure riding left to offer
  • Jumped high enough but was pushed so hard that he/she’s now injured and unfit for work
  • Worked hard for 20 years and needs a safe place to retire (and the owner can’t or won’t pay this cost)
  • A shift in the owner’s living situation: divorce, medical emergency, loss of job, etc.
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How You Can Help

Support a reputable rescue initiative like CHR’s Field Rescue Program

As resources allow, CHR saves viable horses in the community from dangerous situations through:

  • Purchase at auction
  • Purchase from private owners on Craigslist and other online sources
  • Networking with other local rescues to bring at-risk horses to safety

It costs around $3000 to complete the field rescue process for one horse (purchase, feed, vet/farrier care, and training).

You can directly impact the number of horses we are able to save by donating to this program!

Poseidon: A Success Story

Poseidon was saved at auction in 2015.

  • With a little history, as far as our trainer could tell Poseidon was sent to auction because he was not the perfect barrel racing athlete. His large frame (16.2 hands and around 1300 lbs.), age (15), and mildly arthritic knees would have made it tough for him to compete at a top level in that field; however, he is an outstanding trail and pleasure riding horse. With the help of a generous donor we purchased him at auction, and today he lives with two other CHR horses and a father/daughter who dote on all three boys to no end. This big guy is an integral part of a loving family and herd. (Image from left to right: Poseidon, Chad, Sierra, Poncho, and Hero)
Sierra was in search of her dream horse, one that was steady with calm eyes, and we knew CHR was the place to look. Sierra and Poncho had a connection from the first time they met. The original plan was for Sierra…but that quickly changed. We’ll never forget the bittersweet day we were bringing Poncho home from CHR. We were so happy and excited, yet very sad to be separating Poncho from his best friend, Hero. We should’ve known what was to come. It didn’t take long before Hero joined our family.
Seeing Sierra in the saddle and her connection with Poncho made him realize that it was his turn. Through patience by all and careful guidance from CHR…along came Poseidon (now named Dawson). We can’t imagine our world without The Three Amigos being a part of it. Thank you to all of CHR (especially Shawna, Sarah and Carol) for helping bring these boys home to us!

~Chad and Sierra (Image from left to right: Poseidon, Chad, Sierra, Poncho, and Hero)