To achieve the day when all horses are valued and protected; the day when all domestic horses are thriving in authentic partnerships with humans. ~Jenny Logan~

In the fall of 2015, the community suffered a great loss. Jenny Logan, Colorado Horse Rescue’s Equine Operations Manager for over 12 years and a true hero for horses, passed away after a long and courageous battle with cancer. She was 53 years young. Her grace and dedication to the horses in the face of her terrifying diagnosis was awe inspiring. This amazing woman continued to work at CHR until the very end and her gentle, giving spirit will live on among her family, many friends, and animals who loved her.

Jenny was born with a love of animals. During her all-too-short life, Jenny helped hundreds of horses (and some dogs, cats, hamsters…) by rescuing them and giving them a second chance at a better life. She was also an incredibly patient teacher and mentor to people who were learning about horses. She took you under her wing and slowly and methodically walked you through challenging circumstances. Jenny did not judge your skills (which is rare in the horse world); she met you where you were at and gently moved you forward. She brought kindness, laughter and love to everyone in her life. We intend to honor her by living with the purpose, grace and integrity that she embodied.

Jenny has always had a soft spot for and been a champion of senior horses. A few weeks before she passed away, Jenny shared her dream with us. In addition to our current work of rescue, rehabilitation, and adoption, Jenny wants CHR to have an Equine Sanctuary where aged horses can live out their days with the quality care they deserve.

CHR is committed to making Jenny’s dream come true. We will carry on her work and memory in all that we do for the horses. She will be forever in our hearts.
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