CHR in the Left Hand Valley Courier

We are fortunate to have a vast network of volunteers who support horses in transition and keep CHR moving in a positive and impactful direction. Check out a recent article published in the Left Hand Valley Courier by Kristen Arendt, one of these incredibly dedicated people!

Learning from Sven

By Susan Chandler, CHR Trainer Colt starting. This term is thrown around the equine industry in order to explain the process of making a “green” or unexperienced horse rideable. But what do these words look like to you? Is it the cowboy – hat and all – out on the open range, riding the bucking bronco with a hand waving […] Continue Reading

The Magic in CHR

By Susan Chandler, CHR Trainer Photo: Susan working with CHR’s latest youngster, Lola. As we travel down this already long year of 2020, it is no secret to anybody that our shared world is going through some trying and strange times. Yet, instead of dwelling on the uncertainties of the future, I wish for us today to look inward and […] Continue Reading

The Evolution of Sven

By Susan Chandler, CHR Trainer If you have stepped foot onto the Colorado Horse Rescue Property within the last couple years, then our next training spotlight hardly needs an introduction. I will give you a few hints anyways: he’s big (maybe slightly round), majestic, and the yellow star of CHR. Of course, I am talking about our giant lover boy […] Continue Reading

Riddle’s Journey

By Susan Chandler, CHR Trainer On the Colorado Horse Rescue’s property there lives a beautiful horse with a very special tale. If you have been following our training blogs thus far (or even just happen to know me – hi, I’m Susan, Equine Trainer at CHR!) then you already know her name: Riddle . Over the past couple of months […] Continue Reading

Riddle Finds Peace and Balance

By Susan Chandler, CHR Trainer Over the last couple of months I have found so much joy in working with a special Quarab (Arabian/Quarter Horse Cross) mare on the property named Riddle. It has been a long and heartwarming journey watching her overcome severe anxiety to become a trusting and thoughtful partner. While she still has areas that we can […] Continue Reading

A Holiday Homecoming for the Unbranded Horses, JR and Bam Bam!

JR and Bam Bam, once wild BLM Mustangs, were stars in the movie Unbranded where they made an epic 3,000 mile journey border to border from Mexico to Canada through our public lands.  The film raised significant awareness around the wild horse issue in America.  Thanks to our relationship with a local dude ranch, when both JR and Bam Bam […] Continue Reading

Meet CHR’s Quarab Mare, Riddle

While in the profession of working with animals, there is always the somewhat unexpected risk of falling head over heels in love for (at least) one of the creatures. Horse trainers are absolutely not omitted from that rule. If anything, we fall into its extremities! One mare in particular has wriggled her way into my heart. Even though she started […] Continue Reading

Valiente’s Training Environment

Here is another installment from the Colorado Safari Properties blog about our handsome Valiente! Read about this horse’s incredible journey of learning to trust humans here.

A Session with Huckleberry

By Susan Chandler, CHR Trainer Through the last couple of articles, we have seen our little mare, Huckleberry, make huge progress towards being emotionally open and trusting of the people that work with her. This incredible breakthrough was made possible thanks to a thorough and fair training program that gave Huckleberry the motivation to break through her mental barriers. With […] Continue Reading