Indoor Arena Update

Late last year, CHR reached out to you, our community of supporters, with a very special request. Please help us build an indoor arena, we said. We finally have our dedicated hay barn. An indoor riding arena will enable us to train and adopt horses readily during the winter, and those special, misunderstood equines who need more consistent time and […] Continue Reading

Finding My Perfect Horse

An Adoption Testimonial In May of 2015, after working with my darling Mustang rescue for two years trying to get her under saddle, I made the difficult decision to retire Twila to a life of leisure as my pet horse and companion animal to my husband’s gelding. Thinking about acquiring another horse felt rather daunting, especially if the next horse […] Continue Reading

Our Horses’ Holiday Wish: An Indoor Arena

From Carol Brice, Executive Director The holiday season is here and I am extremely thankful to all of you who believe in the work we do and support our mission. Your generosity has helped us reach a milestone: 30 Years of Helping Horses! As winter approaches, we begin to focus on the training challenges that come with our unpredictable Colorado […] Continue Reading

You’ve Helped Save Jake

From his glory days racing and winning on the track as a youngster, to pleasure riding and jumping with a new teenage owner, Jake has seen a lot in his 24 years on this world. Fast forward to 2016, and HopetoSeeYa (as he is officially named) found himself with the same loving owner who was struggling to financially provide for […] Continue Reading

South Dakota Mustangs Need Your Help

CHR was recently able to accept four lucky Mustangs from a massive seizure in South Dakota. Bristol, Hudson, Monterey, and baby Jackson are now safe and sound with us. View the CBS4 Video Covering this Issue. Good homes needed! There are still another 600-700 feral horses looking for safety. After November 30th, the remaining horses will become property of the […] Continue Reading

Savannah in Her Forever Home

An adoption testimonial from Savannah’s loving new owner My Beautiful Savannah. The most gorgeous horse I had ever seen. She was so big, 16 plus hands and probably over 1200 pounds. She took my breath away. In thinking about adopting her, I worried that I couldn’t and wouldn’t be enough for her. Worried that I could be the kind of […] Continue Reading

LeadChange Website Launches

One of our most innovative programs now has its own website! Round up your colleagues and experience the difference LeadChange Colorado can make for your workplace. Visit to view the programs new video and see what LeadChange is all about.

Tessie: Another Successful Forever Home

A testimonial from Tessie’s adopter, Courtney. So where do you possibly begin to look to find your lifelong dream? Who do you trust? I started by looking at ads on line, talking to breeders etc. etc. but I just wasn’t sure that everyone had the horse’s best interest at heart (or mine for that matter). Everyone I spoke to just […] Continue Reading

Ray the Wonder Horse

By Liz Specht, CHR Volunteer From our very first ride, I knew Ray was no ordinary off-track Thoroughbred. We were in CHR’s manicured outdoor arena on a hot summer evening, and we’d just finished a very positive walk-trot session as we figured each other out. Because things were off to a great start, I got the all-clear from our trainer, […] Continue Reading

CHR Presents Forever Home: Happy’s Story

Check out our newest video featuring the story of CHR horse and Seattle Slew descendant, Happy, and his journey from racing in his glory days, to Animal Control impound, to his forever home. Thank you Clint Clymer for writing this amazing song for Colorado Horse Rescue!