Dreamer Seeks Her New Home

Our beautiful Paint mare, Dreamer, is currently in foster care training and seeking a new adoptive home. View Dreamer’s Adoption Information Interested in fostering a CHR horse? Learn more.

Elvis Goes Home for the Holidays

From the loving family who adopted our Paint gelding, Elvis… In March of this year my horse and best friend, Mabel, passed away, she was a rescue Belgian that needed a lot of rehabilitation and was really in need of a second chance for a peaceful life. In July I felt I was in a place where I could work […] Continue Reading

Welcome Home Stitch

From the family who adopted our cute little Paint horse gelding, Rain… The Journey began about a year or so ago as we were looking to add an addition to our horse family. Not only did this new addition need to meet my requirements, but more importantly they would need to meet the requirements of my 8 year old son […] Continue Reading

Helping Horses Remain at Home

One of the biggest challenges that CHR and all horse rescues face is the daunting question of, how can we help more horses? Space is limited among facilities and ultimately we are all seeking to reduce the 160,000 horses nationwide that become “unwanted” each year. At CHR we use this term loosely. It has long been an industry standard, but […] Continue Reading

Rebecca’s Making a Difference in the Community

Does anybody really read bumper stickers??? Rebecca Zepp did and it helped bring her to volunteering at CHR. She’d had some exposure to horses as a child, but never owned one. Her interest was piqued again when her son’s school required him to participate in a community service project that brought them to a horse facility. Her son wasn’t all […] Continue Reading

Are You Ready to Own a Horse?

It’s easy for the population of unwanted horses which rescues handle to be falsely labelled by people, because at some point in the past the horse and rider were not well-matched for one another. Understanding how to pick the right horse can greatly reduce the number of equines at risk in our country. Firstly, a potential horse buyer needs to […] Continue Reading

A Tale of Two Sisters: Cerise and Cricket

By CHR Trainer, Sarah Hofkamp Young and old alike can’t help but feel captivated by the pure power and beauty of the horse. We are surrounded by books, television, and films depicting these incredible beasts as fast and spirited creatures of magic and wonder. A few of the famous horses who have stolen our hearts range from the beloved Mr. […] Continue Reading

Hanna Finds her Forever Home

Last year, a very special horse arrived at CHR. Hanna’s family was struggling with a medical crisis, and although they loved their horses very much it was just too tough to physically or financially provide for them any longer. Well-trained under a Western saddle with flashy looks and kind soul, Hanna quickly won over the hearts of the staff and […] Continue Reading

Making a Difference in the Community

About 5 years ago a very special woman came into our lives. Brenda was missing the time she had spent around horses and arrived at CHR for a volunteer interview. Our barn chore volunteer spots were full so she said she would do anything to help us out until space opened up. And, was she ever true to her word. […] Continue Reading

Shawna + Lil Bit: The Right Fit

The Right Horse Initiative recently featured CHR’s Director of Development, Shawna English, and her story of finding a forever partner in a little Quarter Horse mare named Lil Bit. Thank you Right Horse Initiative for supporting horses in need of good homes! Read their touching story here.