Our Horses’ Holiday Wish: An Indoor Arena

From Carol Brice, Executive Director

The holiday season is here and I am extremely thankful to all of you who believe in the work we do and support our mission. Your generosity has helped us reach a milestone: 30 Years of Helping Horses! As winter approaches, we begin to focus on the training challenges that come with our unpredictable Colorado weather. Last winter our training program was shut down for 5 months because we do not have an operational indoor arena. The sad truth is that most horses who wind up in our care have unfortunate and troubled pasts that take time to heal.  A horse who has a positive, loving life can be put under saddle, trained and adopted in a single summer. This is not true for the ones who are misunderstood or experience neglect and mistreatment. 

Thanks to you, our wonderful CHR community, we now have a new hay barn. This leaves the indoor arena (which had been used to store hay) ready to fulfill its original purpose: A YEAR-ROUND TRAINING FACILITY.  An indoor arena provides horses in need of a second chance the gift of time to benefit from an education that was mishandled or never started.

Calypso is one of these misunderstood horses. Her scars run so deep, yet she musters the strength to put her trust in people and open herself up to try again.  At only 10 years old, she has only been able to associate humans with pain and danger. The thought of a person on her back sends her into a panic. Despite these obstacles, she is not beyond rehabilitation. Through your support, we have seen these miracles time and time again.  With a gentle, consistent training and handling plan spanning beyond a few fair-weathered months, this beautiful mare will find a human partner she can both love and trust.

This 8000-foot structure holds immeasurable value and will give CHR the opportunity to train year round. We need to raise approximately $30,000 for arena footing, a safety kick wall, insulation and ventilation.

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Rachel Corbman