Sponsor a Horse

By becoming a sponsor, you can direct your donation dollars towards the care and feeding of a specific companion horse of your choosing. As it costs around $500 per month to care for one horse on our property, this program asks for a minimum donation of $100 per month. Partner with other community members to fully sponsor a horse, or give the $500/month on your own! Donors who give at least $100 per month for 1 full year (or $1200 at one time) may visit their special horse each month and work with a CHR representative to learn how to properly care for their new companion. Choose your special horse TODAY and become a part of this rewarding experience.

  • AGE: 17
  • BREED: Saddlebred
  • GENDER: Mare
  • HEIGHT: 15.1 hh

Blue is a real beauty who just wants to be loved. Due to a few behavioral issues, we currently feel it is in Blue’s best interest to remain a non-rideable, companion-only horse at this time. With her level of class, beauty, and movement, it’s hard not to fall in love with this sweet and stunning mare. She enjoys being walked and brushed, and is always eager for attention. Happy, healthy, and physically sound, Blue will continue her mental rehabilitation as time goes on. If you’d like to support this amazing girl during this process, she will be eager and grateful for your help.

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  • AGE: 21
  • BREED: Thoroughbred
  • GENDER: Mare
  • HEIGHT: 16 hh

With legs for days, Charlee is a sweet mare who wears a CSU brand on her shoulder. She spent several years in their program as a recipient mare, and she is now lucky enough to enjoy a wonderful retirement at CHR. Initially, we entered Charlee into our training evaluation program to determine her eligibility and skills under saddle. It was quickly clear that although she has a heart of gold and aims to please, her body just can’t hold up to that type of exercise load anymore. Charlee requires front shoes to stay pasture sound, and she has also been diagnosed with Equine Cushings Syndrome (a condition easily treatable with daily medication). She is perfectly happy to serve as a companion to other horses, and she bonds strongly with her pasture pals. Your sponsorship helps us provide the specialized shoeing and medication that Charlee needs to live a happy retired life at CHR – that is, until her new home comes along!

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  • AGE: 24
  • BREED: Thoroughbred
  • GENDER: Gelding
  • HEIGHT: 16.2 hh

From his glory days racing, to jumping, and pleasure riding, Jake has seen a lot in his 24 years. Approaching retirement, his older body began to reveal chronic GI problems, lethargy, and weight loss. Struggling financially, his owner knew that he needed more care than she could provide and turned to CHR for help. Ongoing donor support literally bought the time we needed to properly assess Jake’s diet. Jake gained over 100 pounds and his eyes brightened as he rehabilitated at CHR. Jake’s lively personality and enthusiasm for food is a good reminder of the important work we are accomplishing by rescuing disadvantaged horses. Your sponsorship of Jake pays for the feed and special shoeing that he needs. See how Jake is thriving in this short video.

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  • AGE: ~18
  • BREED: Mule
  • GENDER: John
  • HEIGHT: 14.3 hh

A Horse is a Horse of Course of Course….So what is a mule? Half a Horse of Course! Thank you for your interest in sponsoring Jethro, our lovable 18-year-old mule. Jethro’s life is a complete mystery until 2011 when he wandered onto a local Nebraska farm. The owners of the farm took care of him for 5 years until they just couldn’t afford his care any longer. Jethro is now safe and sound with the Colorado Horse Rescue where he is being provided the daily diet he requires, and exposure to an education for the first time. It will be very difficult for Jethro to find a home without training, and your sponsorship will help pay for this invaluable piece of his rehabilitation. Thank you for making a difference in his life until he finally has a family to call his own.

Due to Jethro’s training level he is an equine that needs sponsorship, but is not safe to be handled for a monthly visit. If you would like to visit your sponsored equine monthly, another choice would be best until Jethro progresses in his education.

Sponsor Jethro Now!

  • AGE: 18
  • BREED: Quarter Horse
  • GENDER: Gelding
  • HEIGHT: 15 hh

Louie is a kind and very sensitive registered gelding. During his initial training evaluation we discovered that Louie has experienced some very harsh training techniques in the past. With his age and behavioral issues considered, we chose to give Louie the gift of retirement from a life of riding. This playful boy is an outstanding companion to the other horses in his pasture, and he will make a lucky adopter very happy someday soon. Your sponsorship helps us provide Louie with routine vaccinations, dental, and farrier care to keep him in tip top shape (not to mention hay and grain)!

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  • AGE: 16
  • BREED: Quarter Horse
  • GENDER: Mare
  • HEIGHT: 15 hh

Registered AQHA, our red-headed Shannon is a stellar companion to other horses. In our mares’ pasture, she is fairly dominant but dislikes drama. If she has a point to make, it will be subtle in nature; with this attitude she has earned a good deal of respect from her pasture-mates. Due to previous founder issues and very soft, thin soles, Shannon is currently not rideable. We have tried quite a few types of corrective shoes for her over the years, all of which have maintained her pasture soundness but no more. We also have her on a daily dose of medication (which she eats well in grain) to help her stay comfortable. With the help of your sponsorship, we are able to provide Shannon with the ongoing specialized care that she requires.

Sponsor Shannon Now!

  • AGE: ~21
  • BREED: Grade, Quarter Horse-Type
  • GENDER: Mare

This gorgeous, easy-going girl adores human attention. A kind and friendly mare, we initially tried Summer out in our riding and training program. During her evaluation it quickly became apparent that age has caught up with her. She has some significant old scarring/tightness in her hamstring muscles, as well as some minor arthritis in her joints. Ongoing vet work has determined that Summer’s days of riding are behind her, and that she should now live as a companion horse. She happens to be great at this new job! Summer was diagnosed with Cushings Disease in 2016, as she arrived to us with a long hair coat that was unwilling to properly shed out (the diagnosis was confirmed with a blood test). She was prescribed a dosage of Pergolide, which she happily eats in her grain every day to treat this issue. Your sponsorship helps us cover the cost of this expensive medication, as well as all of Summer’s routine vet and farrier care to keep her happy and healthy.

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