You’ve Helped Save Jake

From his glory days racing and winning on the track as a youngster, to pleasure riding and jumping with a new teenage owner, Jake has seen a lot in his 24 years on this world. Fast forward to 2016, and HopetoSeeYa (as he is officially named) found himself with the same loving owner who was struggling to financially provide for him. She wanted to do right by her beloved horse, and she knew that he needed a greater level of care than she was able to provide.

As with many modern athletes, Jake’s aging body began to slow down and deteriorate. Struggling with chronic GI problems, lethargy, and weight loss, Jake was ready for both a new diet plan and a new beginning to his retired life. Luckily for Jake, his owner reached out to CHR, and with the help of donors like you we seized the opportunity to give this great horse his fresh start.

Jake’s eyes continued to brighten as he spent a number of months rehabilitating at CHR. Ongoing donor support literally bought us the time to properly assess Jake’s diet through trial and error with the vet. Looking for food allergens, we began sifting through ingredients to identify what was causing his troubles. Over a number of weeks, despite his need to gain weight, we were forced to rule alfalfa out of the equation. (This was a tough decision to make, as alfalfa hay and pellets are a good source of vitamins, minerals, and calories for underweight horses). Although we don’t have a clinical answer as to why this worked, our vet’s thought was that the richness of the alfalfa was interfering with Jake’s ability to process nutrients correctly. With a proper diet in place, our efforts have paid off. Jake has now gained over 100 pounds and completely come out of his shell as a horse. His relentless enthusiasm for food and happy-go-lucky attitude remind us why we continue to rescue disadvantaged horses, and it wouldn’t be possible without your help.

Rachel Corbman